Palermo, Sicily May 9 – 12, 2019

International Conference

Paper:Autism Research and Treatment through a
Gestalt Therapy Perspective
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Welcome... Susan Gregory's website, which offers descriptions of my work in Gestalt Therapy, Life Coaching, Breath Education, Voice Training, and descriptions of  Workshops
I offer as guest faculty.


In each of these differing approaches, the commonalities are holism, relationship and embodiment. By holism, I mean that I regard myself to be working with the whole human being, whose thoughts and experiences are embodied and in relation with others. By relationship I mean the professional relationship which we create together as we work to support the client's growth and achievment of her/his chosen goals.


When I say embodied, I make reference to the fact that, phenomenologically, all that we experience is with and through our bodies, as we use our five senses, our abiltiy to sense body processes from within - proprioception, engage in motion which stimulates e-motion, and think about and form narratives of what we have and are experiencing individually and with others.


Whether we choose to employ those narratives in sung expression, in conversation, or in pursuit of goals for career and relationship, all our actions, thoughts, feelings and sensing emerge from our body processes, in a core way from breath and the support it gives us for living. I have written several articles and book chapters which explore the interrealtionship of these ideas.


I invite you to contact me to discuss the contents of this site via email or blog entry. I hope you will enjoy and be enlightened by what you find here.
— Susan Gregory